short ride report DR.D pipe and zipty carb

well my bike is a 2006 yz 450 ( yellow:ride: ) and i got my carb all done up by zipty racing.

first off CARB, i sent it out to zipty and they did the race mod kit in it, when the carb came back it was spotless, they fix my broken hot start and added all there bling to it.

DR.D pipe, when UPS dropped off the pipe the box was a little smashed up, so when i opened it the end cap had a little dent it, ( fix that really easy, i work with metal so bending it back was not a prob) but other that that the pipe was made very good. ( and they send a ton of stickers :applause: )

ok so now for the ride report, well first of all my bike started 1st kick, and the trottle response was AMAZING its very crisp and no bog at all. when i took the bike out for practice i noticed right away that the bike has a TON of bottem end, and more mid, you could ride the bike a gear higher if you wanted to and it would just come out a corner with a wheelie,and let me remind you im riding in pure sand whoops down there. i dident loose any topend from what i can tell, and it still screams up top. the DR.D pipe is very Quiet ( i got the quiet core with sparky) but it still has a nice deep tone to it..

overall, i have very very happy with the pipe and zipty carb mods, the bike is just that much better and with these mods you can feel the diff, in power.

mike :eek:

Which end cap did you get... new style or old?

Which end cap did you get... new style or old?

old i got the SA system

I love my Zip Ty carb!:applause:

I love my Zip Ty carb!:applause:


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