88 XR600R BigBore 41MM Mikuni Jetting

Hey guys, Just got my thumper running again with a big bore from XRs Only (100MM)

I also swapped out the factory Kehin Carb with a 41MM Mikuni from XRs Only. They supposedly jetted it for my elevation. The bike runs GREAT, it is like a totally new ride with that carb. The thing is, when its cold it is a PAIN to start. :applause: With the old carb, it would fire right up. Now with the new carb, when it is warm it starts fine. I just cant determine if she needs more/less fuel with jetting. I have tried messing with the Idle Air Mixture with no luck.

I will confirm later what jets are in it, but i think right now its got a 17.5 Pilot, and a 150-60 Main. I will confirm later. Any info appreciated.


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