I checked carb parts sudco and yamaha and all are on back order. What should I order instead that is comparable?



Ask for EJN or ELN. They are only 1/2 clip richer and leaner respectively. Clip position can compensate for changes in the 2nd letter (every 2 letters is 1 clip position)...while the E is the taper angle of the needle and the N is the straight diameter of the needle. Other choices (if they're even being made) are EMN, ENN, etc. Just compensate by adjusting the clip position...

Hope that helps...



I just got an EKN needle from North Texas Yamaha two weeks ago. It was on back order also, but they had it for me in about 8 busness days.

I also could not get EKN,I tried the ELN. My bike ran so lean everywhere

I even went to a 175mj before I gave up (for now) and went back to EKR that has a slight lean spot at 1/4 throttle. Sure would like to kill that lean spot though..


I must be mistaken, I thought the ekp was the leaner ekn, by clip position.

I love my ekp, btw.

try the EMN or like me, the EMM. they're production needles so you shouldn't have any problems.

thanks for the school lesson larry, do we get to go out to play now? :)

changing from EKR to ELN and ran leaner everywhere? you're meant to be running richer!!!



I work about 5 miles form SUDCO here in L.A. You let me know what you would like and I can stop by and see what they have. Everytime that I went to their warehouse all parts were in stock. Let me know if I can help out. :)

Your welcome Taffy! Just dont plan on wearing the little school boy outfit...my wife wouldnt approve of that... :)

Again TT comes through

thanks Kirk I might just give you a list

check your pm

I think I will go with the EMM or the EMN

any suggestions?

whats the dif agian from the EMK?


EMK? what the phuq are you on about!

the difference between an EKN and a EMN is exactly one clip position and not a molecule more!

as larry would say there are two letters to a clip p[osition so there you have it-two letters.



The 3rd letter represents the straight diameter of the needle...and generally affects 0 - 1/4 throttle positions. The 2nd letter represents the distance down the needle until it's about 2.514mm (or something close to that)...and generally affects 1/8 - 3/4 throttle positions.

Each 2nd letter means that distance is about 0.05 mm further down or higher up on the needle...and 1 clip position on the needle is 0.1 mm. That's why we're saying that moving the clip 1 position raises or lowers the needle by 2 letters.

Read this article. It was very helpful to me to understand the jetting of the bike.

Keihin Carb Tuning Manual

...and/or send a message to James Dean and ask for his jetting spreadsheet. It'll show you graphically how changes in jetting, altitude, or temp affect your bike. $20 well spent.

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