pro moto silent insert

hi , i made all the free mods , and also bought the Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert

but im wondering how my bike (WR450 06) will perform better.

Removing the stock silent insert and leave it as is ( no insert)


Removing the Stock Insert and placing the Pro Moto Billet?

Where i live in Mexico there are no probem with the noise.

my question are if the pro moto billet silent insert make the bike work better than NO INSERT or it is just to release a bit the stock insert performance with a reduced noise?




I've ridden with no insert and the gytr. I could'nt tell the difference in power, only noise.

It would probably be minute, but the dynamics of the air exiting will be better with the design of the PMB. It is funnel shaped on the end and acts as a venturi as the air flows as opposed hitting the flat opening of the exhaust causing a lot of turbulence and reduced flow. But as I said, your seat Dyno will probably not detect it.

I have the pro moto billet, its fine, nice improvement and safer. Mine is street legal, so I kind of had to have it.

I have the PMB insert. It's louder than stock but still pretty quiet.

Combined with the other standard de-restriction changes and jetting changes...the bike is smooth, strong, and steady. No surging or popping on deceleration.

It's only $60 so it won't dent the wallet too much.


I have the PMB as well. Not too much louder and not that much more power either. Although I did go down to a 48 tooth rear sprocket at the same time.

Depending on the jetting, you could leave the insert or remove it all together. It just depends having the right amount of back pressure in ratio to the fuel and air.

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