I think i got the floating ground thing now, please verify

Ok so say I did the stator mod, make every thing DC. Now this is where I want the verification. The "Floating Ground" all this is for is so you have a perfect ground to all the electrical components, lights, horn, ect. now the starter motor and the coil are both DC and they're ground goes to the frame. So my big question is if a ground from say my high/low and bliker switch is grounded to the handle bars then it will be fine and won't short out the stator or regulator. right or no?

so really what i'am asking is the floating ground is just for perfect voltage, not because the ground can not become one with the frame for shorting reasons?

please help me with this problem thanks

PS my bike is a 2004 wr 450 f with a ADR lighting kit.

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