SDG Tall Seat Woes!

Just got my SDG Tall seat and it looked great out of the box but when I went to install it was like trying to fit 10lbs of sh** it a 5lb bag. Once I got it on there the seat seems to be about a 1/4" off center and there is a 3/4" inch gap between the front of the seat and the tank as well as allot of wrinkles, some over 1/4" high in the top of the seat. I heard that these wrinkles go away after riding awhile and the composite seat frame molds to the bike eventually. However, when I sit on the bike the seat feels great, the foam feels just to my liking and it seems to a perfect height, I am 6'-5". I guess I am asking if anyone has had this seat work out for them, do the wrinkles go away and does the seat fit to the bike better the more you ride it? I like the Idea of a completely separate seat so that when I sell it, in many years, i can have the stocker for the next owner. Not everyone is a gianimal like myself. Any personal experiences with this seat would be appreciated, I am trying to decide if I should return it or not. Thanks

I bought a SDG step seat. When I took it out of the box I was horrified by the wrinkles. I almost sent it back, but after the first ride, they all went away. It also fit pretty good right from the get go.

My '04 SDG tall seat fit like sh** also. I had to "re-mold" the bracket to fit on the bike. IMO they aren't made very nice. This time I just bought seat foam and a cover. Looks and fits much much nicer than SDG.

My brother and I have not had any problems with a SDG fitment. He has tried it on a 01 YZ250F, 03 (01-03 plastics) and my 01 YZ250F and we both have not had any fitment issues.

I would sent it back to get another one...

just got the 2007 yz450f step seat in and it doesn't fit very well, i haven't rode with it yet, but i had to do some bending on the metal brackets to make it fit

I don't know what everyone is complaining about?? :applause: I have the SDG tall seat for my '01 426 and it is GREAT!! I initially missed getting the "hook", on the center of the seat, to go under the frame, but that was really it. I'm also 6'5", and I love that seat compared to the stocker!! :eek:


try gutz racing......send them your seat and they will craft your seat for 79. They do most factory riders seats


I have the low seat and it took some "coaxing" to get it fit right at first. But after a ride on it, the wrinkles went away and now it goes on and comes off quite a bit easier.

But it has no gaps at all, in fact you have to sort of push it down to get it on, and that really helps.

yea we had a bunch of sdg seats they all sucked they fit terrible,the form falls apart, seat cover tears up if you wear knee braces i will never buy one again

Thanks everyone, I think I will take it for a day of riding and if it improves I may keep it, if not back to the store with it.

Go with the Guts seat, I'm 6'6" & have a tall/soft foam Guts seat on my KTM and it made a huge difference. Fit and finish were great right out of the box!!

I have been looking for a high seat in the uk. I have been told SDG importers only bring in the original height seat and was wondering if anyone else does a high foam or what type of foam it is so i could maybe make an extension.


Just got the guts tall installed with One industries cover - fits perfectly and is so comfy and moving to front of bike is too easy as the "bucket seat/saddle" feel of the stock seat is history.....:thumbsup:

I have had the SDG for over a year now, the wrinkles did go away and it looks great, but still too tough for my butt! I am seriously thinking I will go with guts...

I have had the SDG for over a year now, the wrinkles did go away and it looks great, but still too tough for my butt! I am seriously thinking I will go with guts...

Go with the Guts!!!:thumbsup:

I just bought a new YZ450, 2006. I just installed a tall SDG. The rear brackets were a bit narrow. I unbolted the seat and enlarged the holes where the bracket mounts to the seat ( just a tad) and then it fit fine. You do have to make sure you are getting both the front peg and the middle hook properly engaged, which may require pushing down on the seat while pushing it foward. There is not better solution unless you want to mess with the foam / cover yourself, or send your seat in to have it done. I have also used Guts high foam, and they work fine, but their foam breaks down rather quickly.

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