Stator rewind questions.

Want to put dual 55w halogen bulbs bought from walmart. Just took stator apart and about to unwind and wondering if 8 poles wound four layers for total of 300 plus winds would be enough to power this light setup. Have street light kit on rear only no battery, no turn signals, lights on only when bike is on. Wondering if 8 poles in series is enough to power 2 55w bulbs. And also wondering if should set up two winds in Parellel instead. Anyone know the best approach.

if you are going to the trouble to rewind the stator you might as well wind the whole thing. 5 poles 60-62 wraps each for a total of 300-340. 18 gauge.

How did your project work out? I am thinking about rewinding my stator tomorrow. I also would like to build my own dual headlight system for my 650R by using non moto componenets/parts. I plan on putting together a mounting bracket that attaches the lights and protects the lenses. It should be a fun project.

i had a slight problem with mine, self inflicted ( rec. crimp and solder connections at stator wire), otherwise works great. 5 poles ac current to run head light, and the other 5 with dc converter to run taillight, turn and horn.

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