can't start my yammie

ummm, went for a ride, washed my bike, went to fire it up a few minutes later, it turned over, but stalled out. hasn't started since.

i did nothing different than i always do when washing my bike.

tried to keep water out of exhaust pipe, and the few peep holes on the motor.

i pulled the plug, put a new one in, got spark.

fuel is fine. air filter is clean.

but really weird, my kickstarter all of a sudden is really stiff and hard to kick through. i have never had to kick my bike hard, and never had to kick it more than 3 times to get her going. note, when i pulled the plug and ran the kickstarter through the cycle, the compression seemed normal, like it always did, but as soon as i put the new plug in, it went back to being really stiff to kick ???????????

do u think it is a water issue, and if so, what can i do?:applause:

thx for ur help!

This happened to me a couple of weeks back on my wr426. I gave up and went to start it the next day and it got going. Just let it sit for a little while and see what happens.

yeah that's what i thought too, but it has been a few days, and i tried again today. we couldn't even get it to bump start. the motor would turn over, but it fire??????????

Drain the float bowl.

The rings are rusted to the cylinder. It's science.

had this happen on a 06 yfz450 quad, it was water in a electrical connection,

i always take a new bike and put dielectric grease in every connection to avoid this problem, on that quad i had missed two plugs and one was wet two days after washing it....the funny thing is you have spark? I didn't, my advice would be to drain the float bowl,....clean the entire carb...yes that means removing it, check the spark and change sounds funny but some plugs will seem to fire fine, but they won't fire under compression aka a "bad plug" I would also spray a small amount of carb cleaner in the intake and turn the engine over many times with the plug and carb out, that will eliminate any water.

ah, i thought that could be the issue.

but what do u think about this, the kicker became ultra hard to kick, within seconds of me washing the bike?

still stumped

i forgot to mention, so cuz it was so soon after i washed it, rust may not have formed yet.

also, when i removed the plug, the kickstarter is normal. so with that said,

what are your thoughts?

I think I would drain the float bowl like mentioned and then try to start it...the hard K/S doesn't sound good......If that continues I would pull the can cover off and look at the compression release mech. Being hard to kick is not normal...

ok cool ,thx guys, i will try all the stuff you mentioned.


p.s. Baja was awesome this past weekend on my 450x. decisions decisions....:naughty::bonk:

You say that your kickstarter is now very heavy to kick. Ithink the problem might be in decompression system ( I assume that you have an auto-decomp.)

thx for the info. got a few questions for you. the only experience i have is pulling the valve head cover off to adjust valves. and then readjusting the decompressor arm after we have adjusted valves. i'm not sure what i'm looking for once i take off the valve cover. you mentioned 'can' cover. what is that? and once i get that off, do you know what i'm looking for? thx a lot - dave 702 682 5991

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