PowerNow for a 400 EXc

I just recently bought my first Ktm, its is a 05 Ktm 400 EXC. I bought the bike used and the guy who owned it before me put the PowerNow on it. I never felt how the bike ran before the Powernow was put on but some people are telling me it gives it more a 2 stroke feel. The bike feels good but I just want some input on what other people feel about the PowerNow system on the 400 EXC. I was reading the Thread on the PowerNow for the 525 EXC and everyone said it didnt do much of a difference and they said It might do better for smaller bikes.

I have an 02 400EXC and I put a powernow in it and really could tell no difference. I thought I could at first, but I believe it was just suggestion. I have recently removed it and really could tell no difference at all.

It will not make more power, probubly hurts a little in peak power. What it will do is make the carb work a bit more precisly at low throttle, thus more responsive and controlable

Thinks guys. I'll just leave it in so my bike won't sputter out when open up the trottle in low RPM's.

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