Anyone else ever realize...

that if you swap bikes with a 450x rider in the desert, they are amazed at how agile the BRP is? Swapped with a buddy of mine the other week(hes a 450x rider), then he started talking about how smooth and predictable the power was of the 650r. And the fact that you can grab another gear while climbing the dunes and still pull the RPMs back up. Now hes wanting to buy a dual sported 650r, I guess the gears are starting to click when he races around with me in the desert on weekends, then he sees me ride the same bike to work during the week without changing anything. The 650r is truly the ultimate bike for me. I fully expect my buddy to be selling his 450x shortly after the purchase of a 650r.

I made the same observation, though I came to my conclusion from a different route. I bought my bike (daul sported 650R) primarily as a dual sport setup but took it for a ride at the local ORV which has a whooped out sand wash section. Couldn't believe how fast & controllable it was at speed. Minor direction changes were almost intuitive. Coming from racing 2 smoke 250s in the desert I was blown away with this bikes capabilities. Hmmm.... guess those guys at Honda knew what they were doing when this bike was designed.

I to have had this expierence, only theother way around. i was riding out at mood rocks with my dual sported 650 R. my friend had a 450 x and was talking about how the thing was a rocket and so i hop on and am downright disapointed at how rough choppy and unsmooth it is to ride compared to the pig. Amen

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