Any Thoughts on the icat

Any one using it, if so does it work?:applause:

save your money or buy some tires/chain-sprox/spares instead.

i have one but it was on the bike when i bought it along with a Power now and only he knows what motor work is done but i think it will do sumtin and if it doesn't why does ricky and bubba and who ever else use it? im not sure but i don't know if they are sponcered by the makers of the ICat. i could be wrong though

It probably does do something...but there are already a gillion gimics out there (and new ones that are released almost daily) for you to spend your hard earned cash on......if I bought everyone of them (I have already bought plenty of them) I would have a bike that cost 3000 dollars more than a stocker and only has a spidgeon of performance increase.....

The best bang for the my "humble opinion" :applause:

The ZipTy Carb mod....100.00 bucks

BTW I have plenty of slighly used gimics for sale......fortunately for me...NO ICAT:thumbsup:

The purpose is to extend the duration of the spark. This may be of some benefit, particularly in older bikes, but the newer ones, say '03 and up, have the same functionality built into the ignition already, so the newer YZF's will get less out of one that the older models do.

Where it will help is mostly with starting issues.

I say it is snake oil. I could be wrong (it happens alot), but I saw no benefit in it. I had a friend buy one and I installed it on his bike. If there was a benefit, it was not worth what was paid for the product.

Reminds me of the old answer roost boost. I think the Icat will have the same fate in a year or two.

Several people have used it, and claim that it gives better mileage, and easier starts. I've also heard that it helps in making the bike run better if the jetting is off a little bit.......whether that's worth $ 180 or so, is up to the user.

i have one on a 04 and it is great your bike will run great all the time it will not die in the rocks or tight corners no more ,you will not use your clutch as much because the bike will not stall no more when slowing down , it really is more rideable this is a must for riding woods and rough terrain ,the ENGINE BECOMES A CADILLAC (SMOOTH) ID SAY DO IT

I say dont worry about it. Get a JD jet kit and forget about your starting/stalling/power issues

a bike being jetted correctly is the first big thing but the i cat comes next in my book

And some stop leak for those radiators!

What a joke I bought one it does not even work I sure hope I can get a refund

I heard they are crap. You could get a few tires or other maintainance parts for that money.

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