oil capacity of a '00 yzf426??

Can anyone out there tell what the gear iol capacity is of this 426? A friend just got one w/o the owners manual and needs to know. thanks

this is for an '01 Yz426F. i doubt the oil amount needed has been changed but i can be wrong. add the following amount and check your dipstick. good luck :thumbs up:


|Oil quantity:..........................|

|Total amount: .......................|

| 1.7 L (1.50 Imp qt, 1.80 US qt)|

| Periodic oil change:................|

| 1.5 L (1.32 Imp qt, 1.59 US qt)|

| With oil filter replacement:.......|

| 1.6 L (1.41 Imp qt, 1.69 US qt).|


The engine oil is the gear oil, and vice-versa. You will need to familiarize yourself with the oil change procedure, because it's a dry sump system, and if you do it wrong, you'll make trouble for yourself.

Here's some instructions for the 250F (same procedure, use the info for the early model):


And here's a link to download a manual:


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