Edlebrock needle

I'm having a problem I haven't seen before. I've got a Quicksilver and wanted to go from a 17-e needle to a 19-e needle. Carb works fine with the 17 put in the 19 and the slide won't drop all the way down. It seems to hang up as the needle slides into the brass guide at the bottom. Put the 17 back in no problem fit the 19 again hangs up.Brand new in the box needle from the TT store no damage to it that I can see. Anyone ever have this happen? I'm thinking of trying to polish the needle up to see if that works,but I don't know how sensitive it is.

Shot in the dark from a guy full of useless information - try messing with the throttle while putting the needle in?


I recently switched needles and when I went to put the slide back in the carb the needle would not go into the hole. The issue was that the needle "floats" a little and the spring was making it misalign so it would not go into the hole.

I messed with it a bit and then it dropped right in. If this is similar to what you are experiencing, I would recommend taking the needle out and putting the slide back in the carb and installing the needle while the slide is in the carb. That was going to be my next step but it all slide together with no other problems. I can;t think of a reason why that would not work. It is just a bit more cramped.

If you hold the slide with the needle in you can move the needle a bit with your finger. This was movement made mine not fall into the hole.

Hope this helps, just be gentle.

I pulled the whole carb out. With just the slide and needle the 17 slides in clean no problem the 19 has some kind of drag it will go in but it needs some force. I took it around the block and it idles at about 2400 I can pull it down to normal with the throttle but it doesn't feel right.I suppose it's possible the needle is bent or mis-manufactured but I can't see it On the positive side it pulls better from mid range up. Gentle? That means the small hammer instead of the big one,right?

Gentle? That means the small hammer instead of the big one,right?


It sounds like your problem was not the same as mine. Sorry. Try a compromise and use the medium hammer.

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