Checking oil in a XR600

Ok, i know this is a question that has been asked a hundred times, but how do you guys check the oil in your XR600? Mine's a 00' model and i have rotella 5-40 in it. I had almost 3 quarts in it last night and couldn't check it fast enough before it ran back to the motor, and it only showed half full.I drained a quart out today and if i pull it as soon as i kill it it still reads 3/4 full. What's everybodys personal way of checking this? With the recommended 2 quarts i barley show anything on the dipstick...


yeah check it about 15 minutes after its cooled down. Other than that the bike should only hold what 1.75 quarts. Its just like a car, pull the dipstick out wipe it off put it back in, pull it out and see where the oil line is. If you put more than two quarts in, stop look down and see where all the oil is pouring out of. Laugh but people have been known to pull the drain plug and then wonder why the engine isnt holding any oil.

If the engine is running you will not get a accurate read because it is being sucked into the motor and swished around! I hope you know this but I just had a thought that maybe your running the engine and trying to check the level. If not dont be offended. Just like the first question IT asks when you call and say your computer isnt running, "is it plugged in?"

I usually just fill the frame res back up until it's nearly topped(should take less than 1.75qt on initial fill). Then I run the bike around the yard easy for 5-10 min, shut it off, put my tools away, then check and fill again as necessary. With this method, the total fill volume is always 1.75-1.8qts. I'm not sure how anyone could fit 3 quarts in there. Don't screw the dipstick in when you check the oil; just set it back in the threads and pull it out again.

Trust me, it holds 3 quarts easy... I found if i check the oil anything longer than 2 seconds after i shut if off it drains so fast to the motor it will just keep swallowing it. And for the record the bike, mine at least according to the manual holds 2.0 quarts after a drain or 2.06 after a filter change.

Do not check when running. Cause I beleive it fills up the top frame area & flow back down thru an over flow tube back into sump area. Kinda like a toilet tank will only fill so high, then spills down into overflow tube. So when engine running it will always be same level.(or untill pump runs dry) I thought the manual says not to rev it before checking. Let it idle for 2-3 minutes, shut off & check. Works for me. But three quarts, sounds wrong. (start all over.)

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