XR650L Headlight Replacement...

Looking to replace my stock headlight with a better and more powerful headlight.......... what recomendations do you have? Thanks

Are you wanting to replace the entire headlight assembly or make the stock one better? Whats your budget?

replace the whole headlight - $100 to $200.

i just put an Acerbis Cyclope on my '00 XR650L supermoto. love it. $100 for the part, $60 for the wiring job. it comes with a clear piece of protective plastic for trail riding, which i will of course never use, but a nice piece nonetheless.

I'd go with the BajaDesigns single 8" halogen....


or one of their standard lights...


or for $250 you can get the Ricky Startor dual PIAA setup...


You also have the option of upgrading the stock headlight with a better H4 bulb or even an HID conversion.

replace the whole headlight - $100 to $200.

Get a glass replacement Honda lens and a 100w bulb. That should keep the conversion under $100 unless you factor in a stator rewind and maybe a tougher regulator/rectifier. I did my own stator rewind for about $30 and decided to risk the power on the stock reg/rectifier.

I bought one of the polisport lites from the tt store the one with the dual headlites and I run both at once very bright.

led lights 002.jpg

led lights 004.jpg

The trail tech version.


i just went with a 80/100w bulb in the stock headlight, xr650L has a glass lens and 186w alternator factory so its really bright and doesnt effect battery charge much. i havent noticed any dimming even at idle :applause:

Can someone point me in the right direction for doing a stator rewind? $30 isn't a bad price.

I like the Trail Tech round light, but what do you do to seal and protect the underside of the speedometer and indicator lights?

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