Hola! New 450 Owner as of tomorrow...

I'm picking up my 07 WR450F tomorrow! This is my first dirt specific bike, after the birth of my son, crashing on the dirt sounds better than crashing on the street...

Anywho, wanted to see where in DFW to get a new spring installed and forks re-worked for a rider that enjoys burgers and fries too much. (HEAVY)

Adios! for now!



have fun with that "crashing"

Took my "new" WR450 out fo the first time today at Pine Nut and was surprised to find it really doesn't have any more power than my White Bros modified XT350 below 6000 rpm, above that it accelerates at least as fast as my IT490 ported to YZ specs. So, if you don't rev it up you shouldn't have any problems. ;<)

Cognrats TexasHart...we'll see if you can keep up with me on the straights!!! ;-)

WR motorcycles FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :applause:

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