I'm a happy owner of a '05 XR650L as of yesterday!

I had been searching for a good bike for some time. These forums have helped alot in my desion making, thank you all. I picked up a '05 XR650L with about 1200mi. on it. It feels real comfortable for my size, I'm 6ft, 240lbs. The bike is bone stock right now, and I am looking forward to doing some performance mods that I have read about. Well, I think that I am going to go putt around a bit, later.

congratulations and welcome to the club :applause: be carefule when you start doing mod cause its really addictive, i think my bike has spent more time having something new done to it then actually riding it lately... tops on the mod list is is to re-jet it (daves mods) and then go from there. ride safe ride happy :eek:

Hey cool! Congrats!

I will tell you, it gets addictive doing the mods and seeing what else you can improve on!

Congrats! You can't go wrong. Let the moding begin.

better not start moddin' unless u can afford a weekly visit to the florist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:applause:

Welcome to TT, and congrats on the bike! got questions or wonder whether you should buy a certain part, ask first, some one has done it already and can let you in on the doos and donts. There is no such thing as a stupid question. There is however that stupid feeling when you learn from hind sight and didnt ask the question! Take care, and have fun :applause:

get DOT knobbies and a skid plate before you hit dirt everything else can wait depending on your budget.any questions you can search this fourm first there are many pages of useful info on this fourm. also check out ADVRIDER. welcome to TT the best 4stroke site on the net.

I have the same bike and I really enjoy it! Congradulations!!!!

I'll just glom onto your thread:

I just picked up my "new" bike on Saturday! It's an '01 with 1,900 miles on it. The previous owner spent more time (and money) modding it than he did riding it. :applause: While I'm bummed I won't get to spend a lot of time improving it, he did the mods I would have done - with the exception of the exhaust he chose, so I guess I'll just have to ride it instead. :excuseme: All it needs is a skidplate and it's ready to rock!!

Cool YetiX!, and everyone, seems like you can't go wrong with the XR650L if it suits your style of riding.

I still haven't done any mods yet, but it is time for new tires for sure. I'm thinking about going with the Dunlop 606's.

Certainly can be addictive on the mod side. Friend of mine says I've got more money in aftermarket parts than miles on it so far! Unfortunately, he's right!.But, I'm almost done, and the miles will continue... :applause:

SIPES where in CA you from again?

Denn10, I am in Apple Valley, nice weather today!

thats right i went for a little ride tonight out to Grange and there was aguy on a SLOWSUKI rm450 doing some supermoto laps was cool to see. We should get together for a little ride sometime im close to Rincon + Yucca Loma

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