600R vs 650L, wheels and brakes

Are the wheels/hubs interchangeable between the two bikes?

Do they have the same caliper mounts? Are the front brake rotors interchangeable?

I ask because I am wondering if a supermoto kit made for a 650L (wheels/hubs and caliper relocator bracket for a 320mm rotor) will also be a straight-up, bolt-on fit for the 600R.


Yes, they will bolt right on.

No the front hubs are different! The 650l uses a larger brake rotor. The 600r front hubs bolt pattern has a smaller diameter, so the brake rotors actually attach at different points!

I have XR650L wheels on my XR600 now, they bolted right on.

If the hubs are different only by the brake rotor mounting points, that's ok. The supermoto kit will have hubs made for the 320mm rotor. As long as the hub width and diameter is the same, then I should be ok. But is the caliper mount in the same spot? Is it the same caliper (or do the calipers have the same bolt spacing)?

I plan to keep both wheel sets so I can swap back and forth from street to dirt wheels. I should only have to take off the dirt wheels, remount the caliper on the bracket, and put the street wheels on. And vice versa. So if the hubs are the same width and the axles are the same diameter, my only issue should be whether the caliper relocator bracket will work...

Thanks for any and all clarification!

I would also like to know if it would be a direct swap to put a stock dirt setup from a 99 XR600 to a 94 XR650L ? I'm getting conflicting info.

I have a set of 650L wheels that I use for street riding that I swap on my 93 XR600. They swap back and forth like they were made for each other.

Jeff something is not right! I have four front tires. 2 from xr600 and 2 from xr650l. The xr 600 hubs are different. If there is some trick to getting the 650l brake disc to mount up and work I would greatly appreciate you telling me. It would be nice to set the other two up! Share

I just went out and measured. The 650l brake rotor is 10 inches. The 600 is 9 1/2 inches. The space between the bolts in the hub on the 650l is 6 1/2 inches, and the 600 is 5 1/2. Maybe since you are using the wider of the two the brake caliper on the 600 has enough room to accommodate the larger rotor! Using the 600 rotor and hub on the 650l would not give the brake enough rotor to grab effectively.

After I read your last post I went out and measured my 96 XR600 front rotor and 96 XR650L front rotor, they were the same. Not sure what's up with your wheel sets but it could have to do with year. I had an 86 XR600 front end on my 82 XR500 (upgraded to disk) and it had a smaller rotor and bolt spacing. What year are your 600 hubs?

Mine are exactly the same, I don't know why yours are different. I bought the 650L, took the wheels off, put them on my 600 then parted the rest of the L out.

I went to Bike bandit to compare. The hubs are different. Different in the picture/drawings, and different part #'s. There drawings are exactly like what my hubs look like. When I go to the dealer next I will have them look up the two.

I have no idea why mine is the same then.

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