xr 650 l vs 250X

For double-track fire road ripping (lots of long hills) what is a better option for 50 km-plus rides

Assuming equal rider ability, is a 250x going to walk away from me?

Wow. Talk about two totally different bikes. It's hard to know how to compare them.

Do not know about the 250x but did have a CRF450R which I traded for the XR650R I now Own.

The 450 came on with a rush and went through the gears almost as fast as you can switch them. The gearing was very close ratio on the 450R, but the 650R would take it on the start and definatly in the long run and up any hill even without running them side by side. If your wanting the bike for long uphills and fire roads then the 650L in my opinion would be better especially since the 250X needs all that maintneance all the time. The 650L will last longer, run faster and RUN LONGER...oh did I say that already?????

WHy don't you see if you can find a road legal 650R instead?

Welcome to TT. No comparison, its like which is better for me a boat or jet ski:excuseme:

Some poeple can do things on a L that others can only do on a 250, its one of those things you have to figure out for yourself.

My solution was to have an L that I can dual sport and explore on, and a YZF 250 for aggressive woods, and mx style riding on.

I have been riding for over 30 years and though the L is a great bike, it will do about anything, it wears me out in the woods due to the weight and higher center of gravity! When trying to keep pace with aggressive riders on lighter bikes, forget it. If every one I am riding with is on L models it becomes a mute issue. We are all tired!

I find that the 650 (having ridden both) fits my size better...

I'm 6'6 so the height is not an issue.

I know what you mean by the "wearing out in tight trails"

thanks for the replies, here's a question:

Which would win in a drag race? any one ever raced a 250 4 stroke moto before?

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