Exhaust Flow Question

I have a 2000 XR600 and i have heard of people grinding down those humungous welds on the inside of the exhuast header where the flange is. Is this a good idea, and will it actually do anything performance wise, or should i just leave it alone?

I have the same bike, and i did it when i changed the muffler. I can't say i noticed a diff since i rejetted, went to a supertrapp, and switched filters... so that wasn't the only mod done. The welds were overly large so i ground them down and rounded them off quite a bit. I chose not to make them flush and chance weakening the weld. Flow is flow so i'm guessing there is some gain to be had.

Some will swear that they can tell the difference, I cannot.

Some will swear that they can tell the difference, I cannot.

I couldn't tell, but I had a lot fun grinding them off thinking about all the power I was going to imagine I was gaining.

HA HA HA Thecure, i could see me doing the exact same thing, and then riding and being like "oh man this is so much better" and there being absolutely no change whatsoever

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