Wow it really work's

I know this is a stupid post!! But I tried the heat gun trick to get rid of the white marks we get on our blue beasts plastic from falls..Well it works..Hmmm who wudda thunk it..I believe one of our Aussie brother's mentioned this trick..

Thank You!!


This is not a stupid post at all! I can't wait to try it. Thanks, P :)

Oh yea! hair dryer wont get hot enough, and heat gun can turn your plastic back to semi liquid form in a jiffy! Be careful....


:D Just one more tip.....when you have rid of the marks, dont be tempted to touch it until it has definitely cooled down cos it gets REALLY hot, I left fingerprints on my front mudguard (fender) and burns on my fingers ROFL, man how stupid can you get! :)

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