Weekend Warrior SXFB/SXFK 1800 Supercross. Anyone have one?

I have been looking for a smaller toy hauler (1/2 ton truck) and really like the Weekned Warrrior SXFK 1800 or SXFB 1800. Has anyone bought or used one of these trailers? Are they worth the money? Any input would be appreciated. THanks.

I had an 06 sx1800. It was a real basic model. One battery, no gen. Had a stereo w cd player that was decent. I did alot of dry camping and with only one battery in it, you really had to watch your power consumption. I think that they put a small gen and a 2nd battery in it now. If they dont, get your hands on one of those small portable Honda gens. Heard they work good.

All in all it was a good beginner trailer. We werent sure that when we bought it that we would use it all that much, so we didnt want to spend alot on a trailer. But it turned out that we both love camping and used it quite abit. So after having it for about a year and a half, we traded it in on a new WW 2600fs. The new trailer was twice the money, but well worth it.

As for towing with a 1/2 ton, you should be ok. I have a 3/4 ton so it was never an issue. A neighbor of mine had towed an sx 1800 with his f-150 transporting a harley for a few hundred miles. He said the truck did ok on the flat parts of the highway, but struggled a bit on the hills. But it definatly do-able. Hope this helps you out.

I have a 2008 SXFB1800. The trailer itself is great. My F-150 pulls it where ever I want to with no problems. AC works fine. Furnace works great. Quiet generator. Everything you want in a small trailer. I have never struggled to pull it up hills.

I am staying in my SXFB18 right now for the weekend, purchased it last year to get into a toy hauler without spending crazy amounts of money. Mine has all the options minus the fuel station, overall it has been pretty good so far. Fixed some caulk on the front that did not meet the siding and the wood trim around the microwave came apart a bit. As someone else mentioned, the heat/air/fridge all work great and so far I have no regrets. Loaded with two R6 trackbikes, gear, water, etc we have no problems pulling it with a Nissan Titan or my Chevy Avalanche 1500. Trailer weight is one thing but the frontal area towing is also a big factor, when my friends and I tow it is normal 65 MPH and we leave extra time.

Good luck looking around.

I had one SX1800 the cosmetic out sisues weights the functionality. They look good but I had large share of issues with ours. Convert a cargo trailer or buy Thule already done.

We went bigger Raptor TT 3110. We pull with Dodge ram diesel. Comfort and convienant. http://keystonerv-energy.com/

Best of both worlds. My next move will be class A and leave the bikes in the cargo only trailer. Room is great once you get there. The down side is manuvering around resturants and diesel stations.

I had one SX1800 the cosmetic out sisues weights the functionality. .

What year did you have and could you elaborate on the issues a bit? Every RV has issues not matter what, my friends Thor 31C Toy Hauler has had everything from window and roof leaks to bad plumbing and propane tank issues. Not saying they are the best units made but with some care they can make a good starter unit for a fair price.

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