Why did I wait sooo long??

That's all there is to it.

Will other year 450 cams work or just the 03?

'03 to '05 will for sure. '06 or '07 should, but the grind and timing are slightly different, and I haven't heard specifically of anyone using them, or what the outcome was.

Be sure to follow the directions for timing when using an OEM 450 cam in the earlier heads. It's not at all hard, but it is different than stock.


Would it be ok to buy a used cam or should you go new?

Would it be ok to buy a used cam or should you go new?

It depends on how willing you are to take a risk. I bought a used one on Ebay for $90. It was in perfect shape and has worked flawlessly for 3 years. On the other hand, you could get screwed. Like I said, how much risk do you like? Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to buy used if the price was right. When I bought mine they were a lot more scarce and $90 was the cheapest I could find one for anywhere. It saved me about $70 over buying new so in my case anyway it turned out pretty well.

TT OEM, $102, new :applause:

TT OEM, $102, new :applause:

Yea, at that price you would have to find a pretty sweet deal on a used one to make it worthwhile. When I bought mine everyone was happy if they could find them for under $130.

again I love the mod. The other day i went for a ride and stalled out...i'm short, and usually i had to prop the bike and myself up against something so that i could hold the bike vertical and stand above it to get a nice strong kick. well after stalling i got it to start by just kicking a couple times...no starting procedure....no sweat...no tired knee

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