How do you keep your bike clean?

How do you guys keep your bike clean after ar race or a long day at the track? I've found the tires to be especially hard to clean. I consider my bike to be an investmet and I would like to keep it looking as good as it's worth when off the track. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

There is a thread on here if you do the search method!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, I found a few actually. Sorry for not searching first. But I still can't find anything on how to clean the tires well.

simple green:thumbsup:

Clean your bike real good before you go to the track or when you done and right after you wash it dry it with an air gun for the most part then spray the entire bike down with foam spray tire shine. except the seat grips levers and brake surfaces. wait like 15 min the wipe it down with a paper towl to rub it all in so the next time you go to wash it the dirt will not stick as much. the tire shine makes the rubber and platic good also, And another thing if you have the time I know not alot of people do but take your bike down to the frame and clean it every 3 or 4 times you ride.

But I still can't find anything on how to clean the tires well.

I power wash mine, and they come out looking new. Just don't point the washer at one spot, too close, for too long...Lol, I melted a corner of one of the knobs on the back tire on my 125 accidentally doing that.

take it to the car wash and pressure wash it

some times i soap the tires up and they look preety clean from that, the soap will take oil off the tires most off the time power washer works great to but try not to hit the fork seals or air filter and exhaust

Is there anywhere on the motor you don't want water to get into?

nop just the fork seals and exhaust hole ,and your air filter ,and if you start the bike before it will help clean easier :applause::eek: and dry faster from the heat off the bike ,also do not try to start the bike after the wash because you might have wet the filter during the wash

spray the entire bike down with foam spray tire shine.

Where do I get this stuff? is there a particular brand I should get?

The key is a good power washer! Using a good chain lube like this stuff will keep the mess off the back end and keep it easy to clean. When I'm done washing the bike I use original Armor All on the plastics and seat, spray the engine down with LPS or Liquid wrench. That stuff will add a nice shine to the engine and keep it from rusting while it sits for its next ride.

simple green and garden hose..

Be very careful using a Power Washer.

I used mine for a number of Months, and killed the front wheel bearings...even while being careful.

A Power Washer can easily push the grease out of any bearing (i.e. steering, swingarm,wheel bearings) and then leave behind water. My front wheel bearings were starting to slightly drag, and when I opened them up, they were pitted and rusty.

A friend of mine told me his buddy has a repair shop and has seen more costly repairs from using Power Washers/Car wash high pressure hoses, than he cares to count.

Is there anywhere on the motor you don't want water to get into?

Yes, there is a weep hole in right side of the engine that comes out just above the spark plug. I used a wooden golf tee wrapped with electrical tape to plug the hole every time I wash. When I am done with the water, I immediately remove the tee and use a Q-tip to clean out the hole. If you don't take this precaution, you will end up with rust on the top of your sparkplug.

I would also be VERY careful using a pressure washer - especially a powerful one. It is very easy to push water past seals and push past the waterproof grease into the linkage bearings. I only use a pressure washer if my bike is muddy. If it is dusty I use a garden hose, Simple Green and moto wash soap.

I always follow up the wash with an air compressor, towel and WD-40 for steel parts.

After each ride I do the following to keep my bike good and clean:

Remove seat and side plastics and install air box cover. (~$20 and well worth every penny) I like the cover because I can clean out the air box of any and all dirt/dust. Plug the pipe with a pro grip type plug.

Put the bike on a stand so you're able to spin the tires while washing. Triangle will work but it's a pain to tilt the bike, spray and spin at the same time.

I rinse off the majority of the dirt and then spray the bike with "liquid performance". This stuff is amazing, just spray it on and wait 5 minutes and then hose it off. Do this to the seat and side plastics. 99% of the time it will remove all but the most stubborn grime. For that I use WD 40 for with about a 10 minute soak.

(cycle wash is also a good cleaner but liquid performance is by far the best)

I remove the air box cover and let the bike drip and air dry till it's ride time. I stay away from power washers and compressed air. Either is a good way to shorten bearing and seal life.

With this method, I have NEVER had to take a brush or sponge to the bike and it comes out squeaky clean every time. It's pretty easy to hold a bear in one hand and a hose in the other.

simple green and garden hose..

That's what I do. Hit all the nooks and crannies with a toothbrush, a stiff scrub brush for the chain/rear sprocket, a soft brush for everything else, including the tires. Then I spray the chain with WD-40 to get all the water off and then hit with chain lube after it dries.

Bleach White on the tires

liquid performance bike wash and the water hose.

the LP stuff works better than simple green, though it is more $$ and harder to find... i think the last order was direct, so we got a 5 gal bucket of it!

PRO PREP It's the greatest stuff since sliced bread! I use regular card wash soap in my pressure washer after each ride, wipe everything down then WD 40 the engine, swingarm and all metal and hit the whole bike with a layer of pro prep. It coats and protects all the plastics and makes it a lot easier to clean after the next ride. Even fills in some of the scratches! I have people all the time who can't believe my YZ450f is an 04 because the darn thing looks brand new (of course it is making it harder to convince my wife I need a new bike!)

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