How do you keep your bike clean?

I pressure wash all the crap off then lube chain. If I want it to shine I wipe everything down with pledge. EZ cheezy!

Pressure washer on wide spray to knock down the mud. Then I take a weed sprayer full of simple green and spray down the entire bike. Then I hit it with the pressure washer, with a medium spray if needed.

After the wash I take it to the air hose and apply chain lube. I then apply Crisco spray to prevent mud from sticking on the next ride, and make it shiney. Just spray on a paper towel and apply on the plastics.

Before I wash the bike I put a golf tee on the right side of the motor, where the little hole is above the cylinder. This is so no water goes where the spark plug is. I also take off the air filter and install a cover, and I also put in a exhaust plug.

On my last two bikes, I always used a pressure washer to wash the bikes. It's not a problem at all if you are just careful and you pay attention to where you put the nozzle...

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