Odometer on Xr650r stopped working.

The odometer just stopped working today. The gear is turning at the wheel. I'm assuming the cable is broken.

Service Honda sells the odometer cable or just the "inner" cable. What's the recommended way to go? Replace the whole cable?


If the spindle is turning at the wheel housing, then get a new cable. You can disconnect the odo and see if the cable is turning while you spin the wheel.

the cable costs like 20 or 30 bucks i hit mine on a rock and it eventually snapped in half inside the casing. just order a new one takes like 5 minutes to change out.

Yeah, the cable was broken. I replaced it and the odometer isn't turning! Funny timing.

Anyone have a OEM odometer they'd like to sell?

I have one I used for about a month before putting on a speedometer.

What do you think $10 plus shipping?

you can check all over ebay for all stock parts people have removed. People are giving them away. $10 is fair also. you should try and go the trail tech way. That way you can go digital. It really is a handy little unit, I have had my trail tech for about 4 years, works great, no issues.

i just put a trailtech on mounting was a bit of fabrication process becasue of the gpr stabalizer but it's on pretty sturdy and has way more info than the stock odometer

64.99 + Tax And Shipping = $82.00 At Chapparal For The Trail Tech Comp.


You Also Need To Buy The Xr's Only Speedo Drive Replacement Sleeve For The Bottom... So Add Another $20

Total Price $100

But... You Can Sell The Old Parts On Ebay And Make Up Some $$$

(like 40-50! For Top Cable And Bottom)

I Just Did This....

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