Forks question...

Can anyone tell what forks these are? They don't look like cr/crf forks I'm in love with this bike just as it sits... Don't know whose it is, though...



They look like street bike forks to me. At first I thought maybe they were off-road forks modified for reduced travel but look how long the sliders are.

yep. i haven't a clue about them...

I didn't read carefully what you had said: "They don't look like cr/crf forks."

I'm no help.... :applause: ....unless the stating the obvious is helpful. lol

That bike is an XR600.

To me the forks look like early model CR forks as I beleive the stem was a simple bolt on affair.

The extra extentions past the axle make me think old style USDs.

Newer HOnda USDs are gold in colour and light years ahead of older CR style forks.

Here is my guess....but this is just a guess.

Those look like late 90's or early 2000's, USD (up-side-down) crotch rocket forks. Probably from a smaller bike like a 600 or 750 if its early 2000's or from a larger liter bike if its from the late 90's.

The forks are shorter overall than dirt bike forks. The bike is pitched forward from this.

The axle boss at the lower end of the fork looks too square to be stock. It looks like it was CNC machined for that axle and to remove the right side brake caliper mount.

The triple clamps are probably not stock to accomodate the larger tube diameter. The bottom clamp looks cast versus CNC machined because of the parting plane belt line bump around it.

Don't have a clue about the forks, but I would like to know what rear fender your using. Nice looking bike.:applause:

What kind of rear brake is that?

drum brakes, older XRRs had em. Ya think they shortened the inner (lower) fork tubes? The triple clamps appear stock ????

My first though was street bike also ive had late 80s n early 90s crs and dont remember em lookin anything like that Trick bike though nice 24 inch front brake rotor LOL

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