Need Help With 2007 450...

My '07 450 started running like garbage. I got it during Christmas and it has ran fine up until last week. Now it bogs and even stalls when I open the throttle quickly (for example coming out of a tight turn). It really only seems to happen when I go from fully closed to about half-way. It's also popping a little and it looks like blue flame coming out the exhaust (very faint).

I've cleaned the carb and have the fuel mixture screw about 1 turn out. I tried 2 turns out but that didn't help.

You guys are the smart ones so help me out. Should I change the pilot, the main, or could it be the valves? Thanks in advance for the advice.

Oh yeah, I'm in SoCal at sea level.

I can't speak for everybody but I'm running a 170 main and a 48 pilot.I had the same problem and i think most do with these bikes when they are new.Jetting is way off.Do a search and i'm sure you can come up with a good setup for your altitude.

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