So much power!!!!!!

i had/have a White Bros E-series pipe on my 426, it runs amazingly awesome with it. untill i got pulled ove by the ranger for it being to loud. (106dB) so i had to put my FMF Q series pipe on it. now it rides like crap, it feels like its congested, even with the JD jettign kit....i htink im gonna get the new WB E2 pipe, does anyone know if that meets the 96dB limit?

My best friends 2004 WR 450 tested at 98 db with the quiet insert in.

Yeah, I replaced my old 93 YZ250 several yrs back with a 99 YZ400F. The first thing I did was convert it to supermoto and rode it like that for a yr or two and then just sort of let it sit while I worked on project after project.

I just got a TTR125 and have been riding that exclusively for awhile but I finally got back on the 400F yesterday and actually rode it for the first time as a dirt bike in the woods. I was amazed how fast the thing was, especially after getting used to the little TTR. Second gear was all I needed, it would pull down low in the corners and as soon as the trail straightened out slightly, twisting the throttle would straighten my arms out until I was going more than fast enough for the next corner aproaching rapidly.

Very nice indeed.

GOD I love my bike. The sound alone is captivating and I still grin like an idiot every time I roll the throttle.

:thumbsup: Couldn't have said it better myself..

you can ride the thumper fast without getting so worn out..

I love mine too..

i expected my 426 would have more power when first riding but i soon found that more power isn't necessary.

Ya gotta love it!


yea i just bought an 04 yz450f 2 weeks ago and i went through the same thing, i love the power it can make it through anything just twist the throttle and hang on. and i love how it is manageable power, cant wait till my next race. have fun on your new bike.


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