Header Coating

I know a lot of people here are replacing their headers and silencers with aftermarket stuff, but I was wondering had anyone bothered to have either the stock or an aftermarket header coated with a quality heat resistant ceramic finish?

I had the headers on my car done and was very happy with the finish, reduction of underhood temperatures, and damn if it don't seem to add a bit more power... :)

I would like to hear from anyone with this experience... otherwise, I will report back with my experiences when I get it done...


I feel the same way and plan to send mine off within the next two weeks. We should keep in touch to compare notes.

A few months back there was an article in MXA and they said that it makes a small amount of difference in power gains. Power is power!

These guys do alot of motorcycles!!! This is probably the company you were looking for.

My dad had his header pipe done on his WR426 and looks pretty trick. He got the satin coating. Hope this helps...


Buy yourself a Big Gun exhaust and it comes ceramic coated. Just another option to consider.

fershy :)

I had my car headers done at HPC - they are a US company with branches in Australia as well... Their Extreme coating looks like the one for the WR header...

Now, to choose a colour... :) that red glow never did match anything else on my bike or riding gear... :D


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