650R Valve Adjustment

Performed first valve adjustement after about 600 miles. Both intake and exhaust valves were just a hair on the tight side. I figured they would be loose as the bike broke in. Loosended them according to published clearances. Interested in other's experiences and what the effect on performance is.

Valves get tighter as they seat in, not looser. The valve over time pulls into the head, which causes less clearance between the rocker and the stem, hence "tighter". Mine were also a hair on the tight side, but barely.

Just adjusted mine & found the right intake just slightly tight. It would let the next smaller quage in with no probs. I was surprised that the exhaust valves were all in spec (after turning it over about 20 different times to ensure the auto decompressor was off!) I did mine with the stator cover in place. I can see how I would've saved time if I'd just removed it & used a wrench to turn over the motor-more controll that way.

Here's an easy way to do the valves.

Put bike in 5th gear.

Remove valve covers.

Remove site cover.

Kick over till valves have play.

Line up "T" with slot in site hole.(moving rear wheel)

Mark "T" with red sharpie(for next time/easy to find)

Check valve play/adjust .008 E & .006 I

Button her up.

Change spark plug while you're at it(2bucks)

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