excel rims brake fitment

I bought my 426 over the winter and dont know all that much about it. It has some excel rims on it i guess, and one of the things i noticed is that the rear brake caliper doesnt fit well. Only about half of the pad is making contact with teh disc? Is this a common issue? What can i do to fix this ?


Measure the diameter of your disc for me.

It should be about 245mm, or 9 3/4". That doesn't look like a 426 rear rotor.

Looks the rotor is about 9", so i guess that explains why it doesnt go all the way up into the caliper?

The outside diameter of the hub looks to be about 4.75"

that hub/rotor looks like it can be for a different bike because those aren't even teh stock 426 spacers. at 9" thats only 228.6 (1"=25.4mm) and thats what it looks like. i would suggest if you don't want to get a new hub to fix the problem which could be expensive try to find out what hub that bike is for. because you might be able to get a bigger one (doubt it though).

im not too sure on how to fix it with out making different mounting brackets for the caliper or getting a new hub at the moment. that is a nice hub though :applause:

what is not the stock "yamaha space" ?

wonder if i could get another rotor that was bigger in diameter that would have more contact with pads? who knows what bike to order it for tho :applause:

REally wanna straighten this out :applause:

See if the diameter of the shoulder on the hub that centers the rotor is the same as a YZ/YZF. If it is, then just using a YZF rotor will solve this. If not, a good guess would be a Honda, going by the numbers. If you could determine which model, you could then see if there is an oversized rotor available, or a later, larger one.

Nice looking hub but that's definitely not a stock Yamaha wheel spacer (the spacer between the hub and the brake caliper). I would just do like Gray says and measure the rotor mounting shoulder on the hub and make a phone call to a disc manufacturer like EBC or Galfer and see if they can get you set up correctly.

all yz yzf have the same disc brake size for years , are you sure your wheel are for a yz? it look like a kx size disc brake,

No i'm not sure, like i said i bought the bike as is and know nothing about the setup. I was suppose to get the stock rims with new tires too, but never got a hold of them.

The rear tire still locks up, but for some reason just doesnt feel like i have as much control on it

i remember a guy here tried to put a kx wheels on a yz and had the same result as you ,disk brake was to small

is there a serie # or something on the hub just to see if its really for a yz?

Good idea, but i dont think so. I'll take a closer look at it later

Call Galfer or EBC with the dimensions and bolt spacing of that rotor. They should be able to tell you what hub that is and whether or not they make a rotor that fits.

REally wanna straighten this out :applause:

I agree.. How often are you on the rear brake to worry about it. Does it work when you need it? I like the hub, the disc is definitely from something other than a YZ. I don't use much more than that on my Galfer rear disc, check my garage.

It locks the rear up, so is that all i should really be concerned about?

I'm just such a perfectionist things like this bother me :applause:

ok guys, did some reseach and a bit of an update... i sent email to talon and here was their reply:

Dear Gendy

Thank you for your E-mail. I have spoken to Richard in the Wheel

Department who confirms the

following information:

Please find below the following information as requested:

Hub No: 18643 - Yamaha YZ 400 front gold hub built for White Brothers on


Hub No: 30988 - Yamaha YZ 1999 rear gold hub built for White Brothers on


Please note on your Yamaha YZF 426 2001 bike you will have a 240mm

diameter disc, you require a 245mm disc - TD212D.

Please note if you wish to purchase the above disc then please could you

contact White Brothers who are our US importer. I am sure they will be

able to assist you with your requirements.

Ken Davie

White Brothers

24845 Corbit Place

Yorba Linda

C.A. 92887


Tel No: 001 714 692 3404

Fax No: 001 714 692 3409

E-mail: kdavie@whitebrothers.com

If you have any queries regarding the above then please do not hesitate

to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Justine Richards





I have a slightly used stock rear disk if you need it.

I will check to see what size it is - it came off of a 03 yzf 450 - I believe it is the same as a 426 but will verify

awesome, thanks man! :thumbsup:

I have one from an '01 426 if you need.....shoot me a PM :thumbsup:

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