First XRL oil change....



Just did my first one on my new '07XRL.

The oil wasn't as bad as I was anticipating (only have 200 miles though)...and the oil filter and oil looked relatively clean. EXTREMELY messy job though, way worse than doing my truck.

I was expecting alot more metal in the ridges of the I just lucky, or should I have expected more. Will probably change again in another 500 miles. Sound right?

Was wondering exactly HOW the oil filter works....does the oil suck into the motor from the center, with the filter taking out the chunks from the outside? I guess the oil enters the filter chamber (pushed in?) there from the left side, where that small hole is...correct?

I also presume that you can only put the oil filter cover on ONE WAY...that is, matching the hole on the left with the hole in the filter cover.


according to the honda shop manual the oil is pumped through the oil filter from the outside and heads to the rest of the motor from there, so all the contaminated material should be visible on the outside of the filter. :applause:

After I did the Motoman break in, I changed at the 20 mile mark and did see quite a bit of silvery oil and light shavings. Glad I changed oil then.


There's a little mark on the oil filter cover, match it up with the one on the case.

There's a little mark on the oil filter cover, match it up with the one on the case.

YUP! Saw that when I was checking for leaks....thanks.

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