Grey wire pulled vs not pulled

:bonk: I don't understand what you mean by an "earth". Or is it just a joke


I have the grey wire cut on mine and love it. big wheelies.


Did the gray wire on my 05,didnt notice much difference with stock jetting.and didnt change the way it started...Rejetted the bike as they tend to be pretty lean stock,jets and JD needle,also installed the pwr plus sys & I believe the right jetting and this mod gave even more performance than my aftermarket pipe which helped alot.alot to be said for proper jetting!!I race & trail ride,some friends ride it and then understand why I get the starts I do onthe track! its a sleeper,damn they thought it was me for a minute.

Pulled grey wire out from jack plug to cdi unit on wr450f 04, bike starts better,has lost a little torque and needs a few more revs pulling away, but this is ok to live with and is well worth the power increase. The engine keeps

reving and pulling in higher gears and is easyer to wheelie at higher speeds,

before the bike was breathless after half revs. You will not notice the difference unless you thrasth it that is where the new power is.

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