426 Stripdown

First post in well over a year. :applause:

Finally got round to stripping my engine after it trying to lunch itself over a weekend's laning in Norfolk (UK) last year.

What a ball-ache!

Everything had been overtightened, even ended up having to chisel off the primary drive nut.

Found out that the big-end's starting on it's way out, which was the source of the tick that's had the bike laid up awaiting this rebuild along with the blown 5th gear that happened at the same time.

Engine's got less than 1000 miles on it since its last rebuild, which included a new crank. Seems like it got an iffy big end bearing or the crank wan't pressed too well.

New Camchain, and countershaft sprocket seal's on the cards, and a water pump seal to be on the safe side as I'm in there.

Anyone got any experience of manual camchain tensioners on WR's, as the chain's knacked already. Heard of the auto-tensioners being too hard on camchains.

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