04 sprocket bolts keep coming loose-HELP

I have a 2004 YZ450 F. I love the bike but I can't seem to keep the sprocket bolts tight, I ride 30 minutes and have to tighten them again. I've tried loctite, even replaced the bolts with new ones (which I also loctited) WHAT NOW?

I have a 04 450 as well, I have never had a problem with loose sprocket bolts. I would think your hub holes are worn, that could cause your problem. You can drill the holes and put a sleeve in or replace the hub.

i have an 06 450 that has exploded 2 rear hubs 1 resulting in engine cases . tried everything ,called yamaha they paid for the new hub & cases first time didn`t even call on second one, got an excel hub & wheel problem solved, also have 250f with same problem but no explosion yet

I had the same problem on my 04. I finally ran the chain a tiny bit looser than I normally did and I made sure I checked the bolts after every ride/moto and no more problems. I even ran a 1 hour long "fun" moto last fall and I fully expected the thing to grenade or a least loosen up and it was totally fine after.

you could always drill and safety wire them...

Had the same problem on my 04 450. Once I torqued the bolt to what the manual says the problem hasn't came back. Make sure you torque the nuts and not the allen head bolts. :applause:

This problem is ongoing & happens more than people think, not an isolated incident. If all else fails try using household 100% dap silicone. It takes up the space & has a bonding agent. Years ago we had some problems on our sprint car and that was the only cure. I've always thought the bolt shoulders have too much tolerence in the hub holes. Stress & vibration probably add to the problem.

Thanks - I'll try the silicone AND torque to factory specs (although I tried that last time too.) Would I be well advised to go ahead and change the sprocket and chain at this point? Mine are three years old (although injuries haven't afforded me much riding time one them).

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