Light Switch For My YZ

I,in the process or installing an aftermarket lighting kit on my YZ and I will need a light switch to turn on and off my dual ( High beam & Low beam ) head lights. Does anyone know where I can get such a light switch?



How about a biker wrecker? They have plenty off of old dual sports XL' XT's KLr's to name a few OR you can get one from Baja Designs for a princely sum.


Check out FourStrokesOnly. They sell everything you need to set up your bike at reasonable prices.

I got a three position toggle switch at Radio Shack for 2 bucks. It has held up to enduros, harescrambles, and trail riding, for going on 4 years on my '99. Not very trick but it works.

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I am thinking of adding a light to my 2001 YZ also for the occasional night ride. Can you provide me some details for the kit you installed? Did you add a stator or is it battery powered? Also, what kind of costs are we talking about? :)


Brian :D

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