I EASILY Whooped A Raptor..

Yes, it seems like the trouble with this bike is teaching me a lot as well. So far I have made every possible adjustment to the carb, changed the oil, attempted to adjust the valves, and now I am working on ohming all of the electrical components just in case the CDI, or stator is what is causing the problem.

One thing I noted. When I went to adjust the valves, there was oil inside the left side cover. I know a little bit is to be expected, but there is quite a bit hiding in there. When I pulled the large plug, there was oil on the threads.

Any other ideas on what I should check? This problem is driving me nuts!

Well , what I liked about my bike, is my bud has the same thing. So when in a pinch we swapped parts. Do you know anyone close by with a good running xr to swap carb with to see if problem persists? Or maybe someone here has a good running stock carb lying around after they put edelbrock on.

That is an awesome idea! If anyone has a left over carb that they would be willing to lend me-I'll pay shipping both directions & give you a cash deposit!

Otherwise, if someone is willing to sell their old carb-as long as it is a known good working carb-I can go that route. Would like to have a spare anyway.


Update. While I was looking for a carb. I decided to check the electrical. I found that the coil-both the primary & secondary side-are out of specification. Everything else ohmed out perfectly. I ordered a new coil from Honda and am doing the waiting game to see if that will fix my problem.

I also decided to change my cam out while I was waiting on the coil. I pulled the cam cover to find the original cam wasted, all 4 rockers are bad, and one exhaust valve is mushroomed/hammered. So, I have some additional work ahead of me to get this thing running right.

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