Changing Sprockets What To Expect

I have read on this site that changing to 14/48 sprockets will help me on the bottom end. What came factory on a '93 XR600R? I only ride this bike off-road and would like as much low end grunt, and wheelie power as I can get. If 14/48 is the hot ticket, that is what I will do.


Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that 14/48 is the stock gearing for the XR600, which is good for off-road, but a little low for street.

yeh I think you either want to go to a 13 in front or go up in back to gear it down. I swap 13/14 on my 350 and it's a big difference.

i don't know if that is stock on a 600 but i know for sure it is on a 650r. i would check what you have now and maybe go from there.

14/48 is stock. It's a decent compromise between slow technical in first and still has good dirt road speed in fifth. If you want to emphasize slow perhaps get a 13 front as well.

The best deal going is the X-ring chain sprocket combo from Rocky Mountain.

I went to a 13 in front and lost high end speed, but i like the slower speed / rpm combo.

The type of trail riding that I do, I doubt I will ever need to be doing 100 MPH, plus I find that 1st gear is just too fast for tight trails. I find myself using the clutch a lot to try and keep the speed down. My other reason for wanting to drop the final drive ratio is that I am going to be running a Hot Cam-Stage 1, and I was told that it will improve mid-range & top performance at the sacrifice of some low end power. I figure I would like to keep a good low end punch by putting in the cam, and then going to lower gearing.

How much MPH will I actually lose dropping one tooth off the front sprocket? I am talking full speed MPH, wide open throttle in 5th gear.

I think 15/ 45 is the stock set up for the xr650l not sure about the 600 though. i just went to a 14/49 have not installed is as of yet

How much MPH will I actually lose dropping one tooth off the front sprocket? I am talking full speed MPH, wide open throttle in 5th gear.

Don't know what top MPH was with orginal but now I don't push it passed 65 to very often. Even at 60 it's reving to high for my liking.

I have 14/48 on my '95 600R and for the type of riding I do, it's pretty good. I hit dirt roads and trails a lot and don't usually need to clutch it at low speed. If your chain and sprockets aren't fairly new already, you'll want to replace the whole set. If you want something lower than 14/48, I would recommend staying with the 14 front and maybe going up to a 52 rear. The 14t front will be easier on the chain. 48/13 = 3.69 final drive and 52/14 = 3.71 final drive, so they are nearly the same.

IMO, even 14/48 is a little buzzy at highway speed. I used my GPS to clock in somewhere around 93-95mph with a scary crosswind, so expect to lose a few mph on top with lower gears.

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