WR - YZ Number Plate switch??? HELP

I have a race this weekend at Anaheim Stadium (Edison Field) and I need to get a number plate on the FRONT of my bike. Which one works the best and most importantly will fit with the ProTaper bars and top triple clamp? I looked at an Acerbis one at the dealer but it looked funky and like it wouldnt fit well? KEEP IN MIND I do NOT have a crossbar on my protapers so where does the top of the number plate mount to?

In case anyone is wondering this is a SuperMotard event on sunday...for details go to SuperTT.com and check it all out, for those of you into road racing, 2 weeks ago there was a similar event and some real powerhouse road race talent showed up to partake. (Kevin Schwantz, Anthony Gobert, Larry Pegram, Nicky Haden, Roger Lee Haden, Tommy Haden) was WAYYY too much fun, only costs $8.00 to watch and $45.00 to race if ya wanna get involved!



It depends which T-clamp you have, If I recall Applied & Scott's both use a 98/99 front plate the one that bolts straight thru into center of t-clamp. The strap, I just ran it around my bar on left side on my pro-tapers went over the top of bars around and from underneath entered locking tab from the bottom instead of top as you would with a crossbar. Hope this helps. Don't look funky either


YZ Number Plate Fit Perfectly on mine with the Probend Aluminum handguards.


good luck

Bonzai :)

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