Help with 06 WR450F with Rekluse Z-start Pro

I installed the z-start pro rekluse clutch in my 2006 WR450F. I did the check list to break it in and installed it correctly and when I rode it at first it was good but when the clutch heated up it started to make a screaching noise and eventually would fry my clutch plates. I bought new fiber plates and reinstalled it and broke it in and checked all the gaps and went riding and fried it again. Fed up with frying the clutch I brought my bike to a local shop to get it professionaly done. The mechanic ordered new clutch plates and had to get new steel plates from rekluse. He broke it in and said everything is set perfectly. Well I rode it again and did couple hill climbs and that screaching sound starts again. So my new clutch got fried again. I'm not even riding the bike hard. Just cruising it around the trails. Anyone got suggestions or had this problem? :applause:

Hi sorry to thread jack but i had the same problem with my 05 wr450. I put the rekluse clutch in last weekend, set the gap to 0.030" and completed the breakin procedure as described in the manual.

I rechecked the gap after the twenty minute ride and found that it was slightly larger than before so swapped one of the standard clutch plates for a larger rekluse plate. The gap was then right so thought that was it.

I rode an mx track on the saturday and after 2 laps with the clutch feeling great and thinking how wonderfull the rekluse was, suddenly the bike wouldn't pull away and the clutch was slipping very badly.

I made it back to the pitts where I left it to cool down and took it apart to find the gap was now well out of specification which meant the clutch was slipping and the clutch was fryed, so purchased a new clutch and set it up acccording to the manual, it is working fine after the break in ride but now after seeing your post im a little worried about frying the clutch again.

I would call Rekluse. They are very helpful with their product and want to see their product working as intended. They will do what ever they can to get you back on the trails.

Please report back what you find. I am about to install one on my '04 WR450 - and don't want to replace clutches once i'm done.

What abot you guys that have had many miles of use with your rekluse?

You guys need to watch the oil you use with the Rekluse! I use Shell Rotella T diesel oil. It is perfect for the Rekluse. I also set the gap to .028" wiith 5 Tungsten Carbide balls and it works much better and lasts a season without adjustment!:applause:

i've got over 80 hrs on a new install(the previous one lasted well over 120 hrs and was still good) and the clutch is still in tolerance(started at .033' and was .036" a couple wks ago) what dan said about the oil is correct use 15/40 rotella and change it every 10-12 hrs at the most. i change mine every ride but i'm anal:busted: also two2cool oil additive which is sold here by TT works wonders for these clutches. it has been tested by rekluse and several pro offroad teams use it even our own dwight rudder is now on the 22c..... of course ol'mtman lived through the abuses of being one of the 1st people here to try it and approve of the stuff;everyone just cried snake oil,snake oil. the list of people smarter than i endorsing it grows larger and larger every day:excuseme:

That's the oil I was using Shell Rotella T diesel oil. It still fried the clutch plates. I don't know if the rekluse clutch I got was defective or not. 3 mechanics installed it and 3 times it got fried. i emailed rekluse twice already but no response.

You really need to run the tighter gap. I have installed many units in my buddies bikes and I have set up other WR450's with the tighter gap. The only issue with running the tighter gap is it can stall when the motor is really smoking in rock crawling situations on hot days at high altitudes. You need to start with all new plates and try again. It should be hard to get the gauges into the clearance gap. It should not slide in without effort and rocking the unit to get the gauges in.:applause:

Still no response on my bike yet. I emailed Rekluse again and no reply back. I really want the clutch to work because when I rode it in the trails, it was awsome. Anyone else got any ideas?

I had pretty much the same experience with a regular Rekluse. Set it up correctly, went on a couple short breakin rides, rechecked clearance, all was well. Except the bike would stall when getting back on the gas hard coming out of a corner. Went on a longer ride with some friends and by the time we finished 1 eight mile loop the clutch was slipping bad. Loaded up and went home. When I got home I ran it again and the clutch was slipping so bad I couldn't spin the back tire in gravel. This is on my 2006 YZ450F. I pulled all the Rekluse stuff out and returned the bike to stock. I wish the Rekluse would work but between the stalling and slipping I don't think I am going to waste any more time on it. I don't think you are going to get any responce by emailing Rekluse, gonna have to call them. Be sure and post what you find out.

I have had a Rekluse in my '04 YZ 450F, and my '06 450F as well. I recently installed a "Pro" Rekluse in my '06, and have had no problems whatsoever. Not sure what is going on, but if the same thing keeps happening, you have to do something different. The response via email from Rekluse is NOT customer friendly, almost seems like they have your money...and you bought it it's yours. However, if you get them on the phone, the reasponse is exactly the opposite. They are extremely helpful on the phone. There is a hole in their service when it comes to answering email. Unacceptable in the 21st century!! As I said, phone help is excellent....give them a call.

Every one that has had good luck with the pro model, how do you have it set up, springs and the like, also what brand of clutch plates do you use????

Why would anyone waste time on an e-mail? Big companies never respond their e-mails. FMF, Pro Circuit, Race-Tech or Rekluse have never responded any of my e-mails I always have to use the phone.

What is the difference between the original and the pro edition? Thanks.

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