Footpegs for X2 ???

What foot pegs work on the pitster X2 with a stock footpeg mount??

any that work for a crf50...

I recommend the IMS Pro Series pegs..

I have them on my big bike and my mini and they are knarly

Try the Fastway F3's as well. Super wide, and the traction pins are replaceable should you wear them out.

the pegs on the x2 are stainless steel and very nice, no need to replace them.

I just saw a set of new fastway pegs, wow they are sick. They are designef to sit down and lower in the mount, give you a little more room on your x2 and if you really want to make it race ready pitster ahs a new straight footpeg bar that lowers the pegs a few inches

Fastway pegs here... Love 'em and they add to the looks I think.

They are damn expensive though. :applause:

Hoss what is the model of these pegs and where can i get them

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