PE clutch basket ?

Has any one had GOOD or BAD luck with PE clutch baskets? I'm looking to save some money. If they are trouble I'll go with Hinson.


Installed them on a couple bikes and quads.

They work fine but I really don't know if a Hinson will last longer or if it is worth the money.

Maybe someone else that has put hours on both and then compared the two would be able to comment further.

I think at this point Hinson is riding its reputation regarding the price. Its definitely a good part, but PE and Barnett and several others are just as good I believe. I like the Barnett because of the stainless inserts that hardface the drive face of the fingers.

My son ate up his stocker (06 450r ) fast. I installed a PE and it seemed to last and wear well. For the money I'd buy it again.

Thanks for the info. The only thing that worried me about the PE was reading something about the rubber cushions not fitting right. Did you guys reuse the stock ones or buy new aftermarket cushions? My bike is an 04 and I know the 02 had a different shape.


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