'83 XL600R oil leak

First post on this forum but I'm looking for some help. On the right side of the motor, upper left of the head looking from the side, there is a fitting that looks like a plug. It's round, has a slot across with a hole sunk into the middle, and set slightly into the side of the head. I have an oil leak around the edge of this "plug". I haven't been able to determine from the diagrams of the head what this is. I tried to look for a gasket behind it that might be leaking but the thing won't budge. Actually broke two impact drivers trying to get it loose (yes it was turning the correct direction assuming it isn't reverse threaded:excuseme: ). Anyone have any suggestions? I've been loosing a half quart over about 300 miles.

Sounds like your looking at your cam chain tensioner shaft. To replace the O-ring you need to remove the valve cover, remove the small bolt (or pin) that holds the shaft in place and slide it out of the head. It is not threaded in!

InTheDirt, Ah, that explains why it wouldn't turn. Thanks for the lesson. :applause: It sounds easy enough to fix. I've already found the part on BikeBandit.com. Is there anything else I need to do or adjust after the replacing that o-ring? You can probably tell I'm not experienced in the ways of motorcycle engines but am willing to learn.

You need a special tool to re-install the cam chain tensioner holder. It costs about $40 from Honda. It is quite a complicated procedure i wouldn't recommend an amature trying. Are you sure that's the main source of the leak? Try cleaning it up first then use some sealant around it from the outside.

It is not that difficult to get the tensioner out but to put it into place. What I did is to install a piece of thin electric wire around the tensioner to keep the tension of the spring. When the tensioner is into place cut the wire and make sure that it doesn´t fall in the opening. Make sure the tensioner is pushing correctly onto the camchain slide plate.

Remember, before removing the valvecover, that the T mark on the flywheel is in TDC, T mark. You can easely check by removeing the valve adjuster caps and feel if there is valve clearence. If you do not than it is possible that you damage of your valvehead bolts due to the tension of the valvesprings.

Another thing is that you have to remove your carb and flange. Then it is possible to remove the valve cover.

Are you sure about only needing to pull the carb and flange on an 83 XL600R?

I was told the engine needed to come out to clear the cover from the valvetrain.:applause:

Thanks for all the help guys. After the last long ride, I scrubbed the motor real good and cleaned all the oil residue from the side. She sat for a couple of weeks and everything was still clean. I fired her up and took a quick ride around our small town, maybe put 15 miles on, and when I got home there was a small wet spot under the offending part with a spot of visible oil at the bottom of the shaft where it is exposed. So, I am positive that is where the leak is coming from. I believe I will clean her up real good again, maybe with some brake cleaner, and use some high temp sealant from the outside crammed into the edge of the shaft end as much as I can and see if that works before taking the top of the head off. Meanwhile I'll download that service manual, that could come in handy. I hope it's better than the Clymer version I have.

Yup, page 6-4.

"Step 1: Remove Engine (See section 5)" :applause:

Well, that settles it. :eek: I'll let y'all know how the sealant works.

Well, the results are in. The area was cleaned using brake part cleaner. I used Permatex Ultra Black high heat silicone and crammed as much as i could into the edges of the shaft. Let it set for a couple of days. I've been on a couple of rides long enough to heat up the motor to max operating temps and the silicone is holding. Thanks again for the advice.

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