Cigarette 12 volt plug on a L ?

Has anyone put a cigarette 12 volt plug on a L. I would like to run satellite radio on the bike. How can I do this and will the bike handle it. Pictures and links are always appreciated.

It should work just fine. The 650L has a lot of extra power available. I'd say that the alternator makes at least 100 watts more power than the stock bike uses. Just be careful if you run your stuff without the engine running. The battery is small and you have no kickstarter.

Great, anyone have a line on a weather proof outlet. Maybe I could order one made for an ATV or something.

the alternator on the 650L puts out 186 watts at 5000 rpm so a satellite radio should be no problem :applause: ive seen some waterproof 12v outlets in the automotive section at walmart that you should be able to adapt to your needs. i have one that i plug right into the pigtail that i use for my battery tender, works pretty good.

I run my gps off one

new bike 003.jpg

led lites 002.jpg

new bike pics 001.jpg

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