Two Stroke direct injection : 2-stroke comeback ?

Recently Aprillia has developped a small 2 stroke direct injection engine (50cc scooter). These type of engines seem to have a lot of future . Less feul consumption, less oil and -80% exhaust emissions. They can be compared to two stroke diesel engines, the scavenging is done with air and not with air/fuel mixture.

Could this be the comeback of the two strokes

Don't forget a 2 smoke will allways stay twice as powerfull as a 4-stroke with the same displacement. A WR 426 with 110 bhp !!!!!!??? :)

snowcats use oil injectors. you dont have to mix gas at all. they still smoke like hell. but nothing like 0-100 in 4 sconds. I will always love that.

Aprillia is going in the right direction, but as far as high performance two strokes, direct fuel injection is still dodgy. Bimota went into enormous debt when their v-twin 500cc injected two-stroke failed to deliver the proper get-up-and-go, and the fuel delivery system was the primary culprit. You don't want a 320 pound, 500cc two stroke (making around 115 hp) with a jerky powerband :) . Sure it was able to pass emissions, but it ran like crap. They slapped carbs on it, and it made 10-15 hp more...

My point is that a machine that will be working in one RPM range (scooter, watercraft) doesn't need a sophisticated system. A motorcycle, on the other hand, needs a far more complex injection system.

My .02

To have injection you have to have a fuel pump,more wires,power to run the pump,plus the tecnology and sensors to tell it when to inject the fuel- eventually in trail dirt bikes and stuff like the Wr or TTr but i dont think it will ever be in the MX stuff imo but you never know alot of ppl like 2 strokes includeing me- maby that will bring them back... i heard that after 07 or somthin only yammi will make 2 strokes

They have had these new 2 strokes in marine engines for a few years now.... I have heard very good things about them. I too love 2 smokes my sister has a 1996 dt200 yammi one fo the funnest lightest bikes ive ever ridden!

I know what you are saying about 2 smokers being fun. Every once in a while I jump on my boys yz 125 and have a blast. I would not mind picking up a old CR500 to hal my fat butt around every once and a while. But when the fun is done nothing beats how easy and reliable a 4 stroke is.

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