plastic clean up....

Can anyone tell e the product that cleans scratches and scuffs from plastic(fenders....)? Does it work?


Plastic renew by PC Racing and in my past experience no it doesn't work so well. It's alot of work and the plastic is left dull but I did lose interest after the first bad result. I'm sure it could turn out pretty nice with enough effort. Just not for me. Plastic is pretty cheap for these bikes.

Thanks! What is the best way to clean plastic? Wet sand 200 grit? I have some gas tank stains that do not merrit a new tank...just looks like heck!!!!

Furniture polish (aka. pledge) works as good as the motorcycle specific stuff and cost a lot less (especially when on sale). It will never look "new" again though. Careful heat gun work will diminish the white fatigue marks quite a bit.

polish it with a palstic rouge be sure to press hard and use the correct pad.

dont press to hard but just enough so it will get warm.

Spend alot more time riding than polishing your plastic parts. Plus new plastic usually only cost $20 to $30 bucks

Try Futura acrylic floor wax! apply with soft cloth directly from the bottle. Let dry, looks wet!:applause:

Try using a household cleaner called "Vim" to clean it and follow it up with the "Futura" floor wax or something similar... Thats what my buddy uses on his Honda.... Can't ride it, might as well make it look like new... Not even sure how he managed to get it scratched/dirty in the first place... Musta bin dust from his garage!!! Anyhow, enough bashin the Red Bikes, but it made it look good, almost as good as putting NEW plastic on it...


I got a bottle of Armorall once that had directions for use that said to mist it on and let it set 30 minutes 3 times and after that mist it on and whipe it off right then for first time use. I did this to my 89 Honda 250R when I bought new rear plastic and the front was OLD. It wasn't from 89 because it was red but it had been on there a while. The next day the front ( guess it had to soak in ) looked as good as the NEW rear. I haven't seen those directions on any other bottle since but you might try it.

Spend alot more time riding than polishing your plastic parts. Plus new plastic usually only cost $20 to $30 bucks

I agree. On my white plastic, I usually use just a little bit of gasoline to remove all of the scuff marks. Trust me, gasoline will remove 99% of everything.

I also use just a little heat to remove the stress marks. Take the plastic off, and heat it up from the back. Don't get carried away.

Scratches are like badges of honor though. Each one has a really good story associated with it. Its a dirt bike!

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