What oil would you use??? I lost my Amsoil dealer and I guess I am going to have to switch. I was thinking Maxima. I will not use Mobil or Rotella. I've tried Thumper and Yamalube. They were not a quality oil like Amsoil. Which direction should I go????

Chad :applause:

If yoiu like Amsoil, why not just pay the $20 to be a preferred customer and order it direct?

And why not Mobil 1 Racing 4 stroke oil (formerly MX4T)? Price?

The Maxima Maxim4 Synthetics are a good choice though, too.

I didn't know about the preferred customer option (that's cool). Do you just go onto their website and pay the fee? Also do they charge s/h?

The price isn't the problem. I was going for local availability. I also wanted a qualitiy 4 stroke specific oil not a car engine oil.

Go to , click "preferred customer zone" in the menu under the header, and sign up. The savings is enough to pay off on the first 12 qt case of oil.

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