My 06 yz450f all of a sudden GOT LOUDER!

At the track this weekend after practice was over with on sat march 17th I brought the bike to my trailer to wash it and to change the oil and check the air filter and other maintence requirments. After getting my bike finished and ready for the race sunday I started it up and was letting it idle and at the time it was sounding normal...... Then all of a sudden it made a poping sound somewhere around the mid-section of the pipe and the muffler and it got louder.The pipe is a DRD full exaust system,I was wondering if the silencer packing needs redone or if something else has happened. but it still runs like normal, The bike just had 16 hours on it when this happened..... surely it doesnt need the silencer repacked all ready does it?:applause:

The newer Dr. D's are known for blowing out the packing... so im willing to bet thats what it is :applause:

thanks for the hint>> I will check it tomarrow

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