ok u four stroke guys help me decide......

lookin to get a new bike....ive been on 2 strokes my whole life curenttly riding a 2000 yz 250....i do alot of woods riding in pa and a fair amount of mx at island motorcross in ny....the guys who got off 2 strokes did u really feel the extra weight of the 450 ? handling the extra power is not a problem im just worried the extra weight might be a hinderance in the woods ...i had a yzf 450 or crf 450 in mind for a 450 or a new rmz or yzf 250f ..just so up in the air ...my bike with fuel weighs 226 pounds i know a 450 weighs around 232 or so...the weigh thing is magnified by the fact im 5.6 and around 170 pounds.....im very strong (competitive powerlifter in ny so like i said strength is not an issue......all i know i do 3 laps on my yz250 i get armpump like crazy from the 2 strokes explosive power delivery.....is the 450 that much smoother?all the guys at the track are tellin me to get a 250f or 450f 4 stroke it will be easier on my arms and ill be able to ride much longer ..i was thinkin about a 250f but im not all that into doin a topend after 40 hrs of good riding......i put 77 hrs on my yz in 9 months last year so the 450 will def last longer ...what do u guys think?or should i just get a new 250 2 stroke? any help will be appreciated

I'm about the same size 5'7", 165lb. The only place the weight is really noticeable is in turns and sand. For me the 4-stroke is like a tank, it just won't turn for me. I would stick with a YZ250 the new AL frames are really light and handle really well.

I think the 2 smokes are still dominate in the woods around here. The 4 strokes are rising though. If you are that size I probably wouldn't recomend the 450 in the woods. I ride a 450, but on the track 99.9% of the time. It is great on the track but just ok in the woods.

my $.02

thanzx guys keep the opinions coming

Most everyone I ride with prefer 2-strokes in the woods. I just made the same switch and it took some getting used to. Seemed like all the bad traits of a 4-stroke were worse when going slow and in mud or sand. I was really glad when the weather cleared and coiuld get up to speed on some dry soil.

I also think an aluminum framed YZ-250 would be a great play bike.

ive got a 2000 YZ 250 aswell, awesome bike, tons of power. and i just recently got a second bike, a 02 YZ426F, i know that bikes a bit heavier than the new 450s. but heres my opinion(i ride mainly woods, ocasionlly jump on the track just for fun): when i first started riding my 426, the first thing i noticed was the torque, and the ability to acutally put the power to the ground unlike the 2 stroke, which just revs, and spins the tire. so when riding trails, u never really have to wory about which gear u were in, all u have to do is just twist the throttle a little more, and next thing u know, ur at the top. on my 250, i was able to ride the tight stuff alot faster because the bike is more "flickable" and nimble. but as i ride the 426 more and more, i am beginging to get used to the extra weight and also able to ride as fast, and maybe faster than on om 250. Since i got my 426, ive been neglecting my 250, but i find that i dont have nearly as much fun on it as i did with my 250. it gets boring sometimes knowing that u can do any hill climb or trail with ease. but a plus about the 4-stroke is u can ride alot further away from camp than u can on the 2 stroke becuase it consumes alot less gas.

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